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Weed Control and Fertilization Kenosha



We can get rid of any weed, and can kill Crabgrass at any time. Specialty applications like this are included in our low price. Our competitors charge additional fees to do what we do normally.

Your Lawn Is Our Resume!

Natural Lawn Care - Pesticide Free
Our basic program is for those who do not want lawn weed control.
   • 4 applications of fertilizer spaced 6-8 weeks over the
     growing season.

Bio-fertilizer +
comprehensive weed control
   • 5 applications of fertilizer spaced 5-7 weeks over the
     growing season.

   • Crabgrass control: spring application of Dow Agro-
     Sciences Dimension pre-emergent.

   • Broadleaf weed control every visit.

Bio-fertilizer + comprehensive weed control + fall aeration      and over seeding.
   • Crabgrass control: spring application of Dow Agro-
     Sciences Dimension pre-emergent.

   • 5 applications of fertilizer spaced 5-7 weeks over the
     growing season.

Broadleaf weed control every visit.
   • Fall aeration and over seeding.

Fall aeration helps reduce thatch buildup, brings oxygen and nutrients to roots, and helps with soil compaction, allowing roots and rhizomes to grow freely. In the same visit the entire lawn is re-seeded with a premium mix of turf grass, thickening up your lawn and filling in any thin spots.

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Non-mowing customers can add Primo-MAXX at additional cost to any program.

This product can:
   • Greatly increase the root mass of your lawn, giving it far
     greater drought resistance.

   • Create a much thicker, healthier, dark green lawn.
   • Cut the frequency with which you need to mow IN HALF.
Elite Turf Care Money Back Guarantee: For our full service clients (4 applications or more), we offer a money back guarantee. You will be satisfied with our service or we will make it right - if not, we will refund the amount of your last application.

Our Bio-fertilizer Complex

This bio-fertilizer is a blend of
    • Organic urea nitrogen
    • Potash mined from the ground
    • Fully cleated micro-nutrients

Chelation delays oxidation and holds micro-nutrients in a form plants can assimilate easily, for the same reason minerals in vitamins are chelated.
Example of Core Aeration

Elite Turf Care offers custom fertilization and weed control plans. Each application is specifically tailored to your lawn and the time of year. We use high quality extended release fertilizers with micronutrients and high iron content. This yields a deep green, thick lawn, without excessive growth.

Our weed control applications use only the highest quality products that provide control of a wider range of weeds.

Be aware a lot of our competitors just use urea (nitrogen), and Trimec. This leads to huge growth spurts with periods of undernourishment in between; and while Trimec will kill dandelions, it will not kill creeping Charlie, wild violet and many more weeds. You may have noticed this if you’ve used these companies.

We are committed to having satisfied customers. We listen to our customers, and have found keeping our customers happy is easier than advertising.

Key Benefits of proper lawn care fertilizing and weed control:
    • Thicker, greener turf
    • A healthier, more attractive lawn
    • Fewer weeds
    • A heartier, more stress-resistant lawn

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If you are looking for a lawn service company specializing in weed control and fertilization services than you should call Elite Turf Care. Our service areas include the following: Kenosha, and Pleasant Prairie.